How to make a claim

To make a claim please click here to be taken to our Online Claims Portal.

As part of your claim you may be required to:

  1. Provide us with supporting documentation such as original invoices, receipts, and other vouchers relating to your expenses or loss.
  2. Produce your policy details.
  3. Provide us with all the information we require to enable us to consider the claim.

What documentation is required to make a claim?

You must give us any information we reasonably ask for to support your claim at your expense, such as, but not limited to, police reports, valuations, medical reports, receipts or proof of ownership. If required, we may ask you to provide us with translations into English of such documents to enable us to carry out our assessment of your claim.

Important claims information

We will pay all claims in New Zealand dollars. We will pay you unless you tell us to pay someone else. The rate of currency exchange that will apply is the rate at the time you incurred the expense. An excess may apply to your claims as stated on your Certificate of Insurance. Depreciation will be applied to claims for Luggage and Personal Effects at such rates as reasonably determined by Allianz Partners. If you can make a claim against someone in relation to a loss or expense covered under this policy and you do not get paid the full amount of your claim, we will make up the difference. You must claim from them first.

Emergency Assistance

If you require Emergency Assistance while you are travelling you should contact Allianz Partners. When you call please have your name, policy number, details describing your emergency and a contact phone number, including area code to provide readyfor the operator.

Within New Zealand:
0800 486 686
Australia Toll Free:
1 800 554 114
UK Toll Free:
0808 589 3893
USA Toll Free:
1 800 326 1543
Reverse charge call through
telephone operator:
+64 9 486 6868

It is important that travellers tell us immediately when they become aware of any circumstances that may give rise to a claim. If you require assistance with a claim while overseas, you need to call us and we will give advice on what to do. If you are asked to submit a claim, you must do this within 30 days of your return to New Zealand. To reduce delays in processing a claim, travellers should ensure documentation is submitted at the time of claim.