This is a closed site for Travel Industry employees and companions. If you are not a travel industry employee your claim may be declined

Who is eligible for Easyway Insurance?

  • All Airline Employees
  • IATA accredited travel agency
  • IATA accredited Freight Forwarder
  • Members of TIA (Tourism Industry Association)
  • Members of TAANZ (Travel Agents Association of New Zealand)
  • TECNZ (Tourism Export Council NZ) Inbound and Allied Members
  • Retired Employees
  • Travelling Companion (Means a person with whom You have made arrangements before Your policy was issued, to travel with You for at least 75% of Your Journey)
  • Close Relative (Means Your spouse, de facto partner, civil union partner, fiancé(e), parent, parent-in-law, step parent, child, step child, foster child, son and daughter-in-law, sibling, brother and sister-in-law, half or step brother or sister, grandparent, or grandchild)

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Annual Premium


$NZ 699 per Adult

Family Plan

$NZ 1398 per Family

(2 Adults plus dependent children under 21 years old
Your children or grandchildren aged under 21, accompanying You on the Journey, who are not in full-time employment, and who are named on Your Certificate of Insurance.

Short Duration Premium

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